A Story Cure(d)

A Story Cured: A Book Doctor’s Pain-Free Guide to Finishing Your Novel by Dinty W. Moore

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I really enjoyed reading this book, written by Dinty W. Moore. This book helps those who write novels or memoirs to diagnose in a pain free way their book or creation. It helps those finish their memoir or novel. Dinty does this by starting with the basics: opening line, dialog, characters, etc. He really helps the reader discover how to catch their audience’s attention. He gives many examples and describes himself as a “book doctor”. I would recommend this book to anyone who is stuck in the middle of writing a good book.


Life Lately

I can’t believe it’s almost June, this year is going by really fast. I will be 31 soon and I am not ready for it. I wish I could sometimes turn back the clock and avoid certain situations and experiences that have happened in my life. But I can’t. I suppose we learn from bad experiences and that’s all we can do. I do have to admit, I am happy to learn new things about myself. For example, recently an ex boyfriend attempted to see me and contacted me. Little did I know he was already with someone new. He treats her pretty badly and I feel sad for her, that she doesn’t see her value or worth and chooses to put up with his actions and how he treats her. I am thankful that I was able to get out of that relationship pretty quickly, even though he lied to me and forced me to do the breaking up. It’s really sad that sometimes we don’t see people’s true intentions until later on, but there is ALWAYS a lesson to be learned. For that, I am grateful.

My trip to Texas was really nice. It was good to visit Keri and have fun with my nieces and nephews. They’re so cute and fun to be around. I really wish Keri lived closer to family, I think it’d make her life a little easier. I might not agree with a few parenting techniques that Keri and Merrill use, but I honestly hope those cute kids don’t turn out to be rebellious when they get older. I won’t say too much but it does break my heart a little that I couldn’t spoil the kids when I was visiting. They are kept on a strict schedule and are kinda treated like little adults. But as much as it breaks my heart, I won’t say anything to Keri. She is their mother and I refuse to lose my sister to disagreeing on her method of parenting. The day before I left, my niece Eliana, asked me how I got so big (I don’t think I’m that big). She told me that watching too much TV can kill your brain cells and if you don’t take care of yourself, you get fat. I told her I’ve always been taller than Keri and have always had bigger hips, etc and that a few years back I went through some stuff and didn’t watch what I ate as much. Keri heard but didn’t say anything. It really hurt and I had to excuse myself into the bathroom so I could cry without the kids seeing. I’m not sure why Keri remained quiet, but if that had been my child, I would’ve told her it was very rude to ask someone that kind of question. Oh well, life goes on. Needless to say, I probably won’t go back to visit until I lose more weight. I also took some family photos for Keri, since they didn’t have any. I do love my sister very much, but I am a little disappointed in how she lives her life right now. She is so overworked and always looks exhausted. I am glad her husband helps her with the kids and grocery shopping, but I feel like he should also work like she does. Okay I shouldn’t say anything else. Overall, it was refreshing to see Keri and my cute nieces & nephews.

In other news, I love love love my new job at work! I think I’ll stay here a lot longer now! I am super excited to go visit Brian in Seattle in a few weeks, I can’t wait. It’ll be fun to see my brother and see Seattle for the first time! I also adopted a cute little puppy last month from the Utah Humane Society! His name is Kai, and he’s a Tibetan Spaniel Terrier mix!

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Insight:Why We’re Not As Self-Aware As We Think

Insight: Why We’re Not As Self-Aware As We Think, and How Seeing Ourselves Clearly Helps Us Succeed at Work and in Life by Tasha Eurich

I really enjoyed reading this book by Tasha Eurich. She delves into how most people are socially aware but not self-aware. She helps the reader understand how they can be fully self-aware of all their surroundings and tells different stories to share lessons with the reader. She teaches us about blind-spots, recognizable behaviors, seven pillars of insight and building blocks for successful teams. We learn that without self-awareness it’s impossible to master appropriate skills to be successful in business and in life: skills such as emotional intelligence and empathy, influence and persuasion, as well as communication and collaboration. I learned a lot by reading this book.

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The Chamberlain Key Makes You Think

The Chamberlain Key: Unlocking the God Code to Reveal Divine Messages Hidden in the Bible by Timothy P. Smith

After reading this book, I want to reread the Bible. This book really makes you think and question a lot of things, and it made me a bit skeptical seeing as the author had a vision while sleeping. This is quite an unusual book but also very intriguing. This book is comparable to Indiana Jones meets the DaVinci Code. It’s difficult to put down once you open it up. I recommend thus book to those searching for something more but are open as well.

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Wellth: Book Review

Wellth: How to Build a Life, Not a Resume by Jason Wachob

I really enjoyed reading this book written by Jason Wachob. It’s very informative in how to create a happy, healthy life that not only involves your professional life. Wachob reminds us how to slow down, have gratitude and focus on our dreams so that we can have truly abundant and healthy lives. I really enjoyed all the uplifting and inspirational quotes as well.

I received this book complimentary from Blogging For Books.

Summer Trips 2017

Well, my trip to see Keri and her cute family is a little over a month away and I am SO excited to see her. It’s been way too long and I’ve missed my younger sister. I plan to take a lot of pictures and spend time with her and the kids.

My trip to Seattle to see Brian is in June and I can’t wait! I’ve never been to Seattle and I love hanging out with Brian! I am just working on losing some weight and getting more in shape so I am ready for lots of walking!

Cancer Gene & New Opportunities

Well, I just recently found out that I don’t have the breast cancer gene. But I also found out that it is hereditary, meaning two of my 3 siblings more than likely have it. I had to have blood drawn and go through genetic counseling before I could find out my results. I was told on genetic counseling that since my mom had died young from breast cancer, that there was a good chance 2 out of the 4 of her children would have the cancer gene. Now I just gotta talk my siblings into getting tested, so they know. The reason I know it’s hereditary on my mom’s side is because my Grandpa Ben’s (mom’s father) mother and two sisters died from it. So I guess we’ll see what happens…

With all the changes at my job recently, I’d been feeling down, underappreciated and taken for granted. A new multi-billion dollar company had bought us out in July 2016 and along with that came changes, including the company getting rid of the Account Management Team I was on. I was told as soon as I got back from Jacob’s Mission Farewell last October that we would be moved over to Customer Service and it would be a “good opportunity”. Good opportunity my ass! Here I was very happy being a small accounts manager and really liked where I was. I have worked for the same company for over ten years. In January I applied to be a Regional Account Manager, but didn’t get the position. In February I applied to be on the Shell Team, but didn’t get it. A few weeks ago, I applied to be an Implementation Manager and guess what? I got the position. I feel it’ll be a lot better for me and I will even get commission each month on the accounts I help set up. Good riddance to Customer Service. I never wanted to be back and I don’t ever want to be again. I start my new position at the end of April! I can’t wait.

Movies & More Movies

I recently went and saw Disney’s Beauty & the Beast in theaters. I was in awe at how well they had followed the cartoon. I wasn’t a huge fan of Emma Watson as Belle, but overall I think she did a great job. Sitting there and watching the movie, hearing the songs made me reminisce of the younger days. I could feel myself tearing up a little, as it brought back memories of my childhood. It is so insane how fast the time flies as we get older, each and every year.

I also saw La La Land last month and I thought it was a really good movie too. I loved the songs and the old Hollywood type feel to the movie, as well as the dancing. I loved hearing Mia & Sebastian’s Theme, every time it was played on the piano. ┬áIt will definitely be a movie I buy as soon as it comes out on video.

I plan on going to see The Shack this coming weekend. I’ve heard really good reviews on it, and im sure it’ll be a tear jerker, but I’m looking forward to seeing it.


Surviving Death by Leslie Kean Review

Surviving Death by Leslie Kean

I really enjoyed reading this book by Leslie Kean. I’ve read so many books on life after death, but this book looks more at solid evidence and scientific facts. I found a lot of what Kean talked about very fascinating, as the subject of past lives has always interested me. Kean really investigates and dives into each after life subject, including mediumship, past lives, near death experiences & after death communication. This was a fascinating and complex book to read, but it was well written and I enjoyed reading other’s experiences and Kean’s discoveries into life after death.

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How To Be Truly Happy

The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters by Emily Esfahani Smith

I received this book, complimentary from Blogging For Books. I love the message in this book. Emily Esfahani is a talented writer with a very deep understanding and knowledge of the meaning of life and how we can be truly happy. Esfahani shares real life experiences with the reader, and lets us know that to truly find the meaning of life and be happy is to realize that a fulfilled life comes from finding inner peace and tapping into yourself to find your passions and purpose to help yourself and others live the best life possible. I really enjoyed reading this book and now can better understand how to create a better life for myself.